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Hey Upstream family!

Collin here. I wanted to introduce myself and our company in hopes to keep our relationship on a more personal level, and to help you gain a little bit of insight as to who we are, how our business started, and how it has reached the point where it is now.

The seed of Upstream Hemp was planted in 2017, when I was helping my mother look for a safer, natural alternative to the pain medications she was taking for her rheumatoid arthritis, a severely debilitating condition. I had known about CBD oil and its supposed benefits for some time, a potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relief solution that was increasingly becoming popular in the wellness community.

Fast forward a year, the 2018 farm bill passed making hemp legal at a federal level. It was then that I decided I wanted to manufacture my own CBD + Hemp products. Creation has always been a passion mine, and I wanted to make sure that the product my mother would use was 100% safe, effective, and not outrageously over priced.

So I went to work. I linked up with a local farm, and harvested my first batch of legal, lab-tested, high-CBD content hemp flower myself. Then, after about a months of research and development, I was able to develop a great-tasting product made with organic, non-gmo avocado oil and local whole-plant extract. No unnecessary fillers, flavorings or additives.

The results were nothing short of amazing, and my mother is now able to cope with the challenges caused by her condition much better, free from the harmful side effects previously caused by her pain medication. It was then I realized that I wanted to bring the healing effects of this amazing plant to the masses at a more reasonable cost.

Motivated by the belief that hemp can change the world and help people lead healthier, happier lives, I and several like-minded individuals were determined to be part of the fast growing hemp industry. In 2018, Upstream started its small, humble operation in Greensboro, North Carolina, selling home-brewed CBD tinctures at farmers’ markets and meetups. The positive feedback and support that we received enabled us to grow and allowed us to think bigger, paving the way for our current expansion.

From a backyard operation producing home-brewed oils, we have evolved into a full-scale company offering lab-produced and tested, high potency CBD products.

This is our story, a manifestation of the desire of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Our inception and continued growth is the result of hard work, the passion to help people lead happier, healthier lives, and significant advancements in hemp research and technology.  We are committed to bringing you the best hemp-based products at the most reasonable prices. Welcome to Upstream, and thank you for taking time to know our story.

Want to learn more about our production process, wholesale orders, collaborations, or affiliate program? Head to our FAQ page here: https://upstreamhemp.com/faq/

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Be Well,

Collin, Jason, and the Upstream Team